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Kinder Dolls

Many loved Annette Himstedt Kinder Dolls through out the 23 years they were produced. As of May 2009, the company closed making the wonderful dolls even more collectable then they were to begin with. While there are not new dolls, the Annette Himstedt dolls are still highly sought after by collectors and doll lovers alike. The Himstedt Kinder collections bring the world's children to life in sweet detail. Over the years, the Annette Himstedt dolls have been made in both porcelain and vinyl. The detail and color of the vinyl dolls are by far a favorite of collectors. Himstedt loved being able to do so many different skin colors using the vinyl.

The detail on the Annette Himstedt dolls is what put them above other makers. The dolls has touches that made each unique and valuable. The hair was 100 percent human. Their eyes were hand blown glass in amazingly real detail. Many are jointed in several spots. Much love and pride went into extremely elaborate hand painted details on the Annette Himstedt doll's face. All of the clothes were selected specifically for each doll in exclusive colors and styles. Even the accessories were chosen with care. All these details created a personality that will make these dolls loved for many years.